Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congrats to our 15 Million Ringgit Princess!!

Congratulation’s to our 15 Million Ringgit Princess Shima!!!! This month she has successfully closed RM 15 Million in Unit Trust Investment!! Currently that’s the biggest single equity investment in our company for 2009.

That mean’s Shima qualify to Hokkaido!! Our first qualifier from Platinum through personal sales. Shima has been consistently closing corporate sales since 2007 and year after year she is proving to everyone that her consistency in getting new corporate investments. This shows her passion and love for the business. She’s aiming for RM 1 Million in income this year so let’s support her.

Our lass from Terengganu is only 26 years young and already getting her dream income. What about you?? It’s never to late just need some old fashion hard work and real belief in your self. Are you our next superstar?? Register for our business preview if you want to know how you can be like her.


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