Thursday, May 14, 2009


From Manan Via His Blackberry:

Hai everyone., I would like to share with all of u bout my experience..

Yesterday I went to JB branch at Jln Harimau Tarum.. Once I go in., the girl just look at me and ask who am I.. I introduce my self from PLATINUM and she so amazed and start asking bout Platinum..

Then I takeout my Pending Cases which was 9 Cases., she so Shock.!!! And she said- "this the first pending memo they received"..! another guy came in and said- "WOW., no wonder PLATINUM 'MELETOP'..!!! I'm so proud they say like that..!!

When I talk about ELI commission that I got recently., they so exited and start regret not doing INS.. So all of u especially full timers., I believe all of u can be MDRT and go all in to ELI.!!

All member of platinum., be proud to our agency coz people look at us as EXTRAORDINARY..!! We already in branded of MILLIONAIRESISTERS..!!

And last thing., my new d/line who just joined last week already closed 15k cash and will collect another cheque.!!

And hope all of PLATINUM can qualified HKG/MACAU and we can go there ALL OF US TOGHETHER..!!


Anonymous said...


chauih said...

Anyone can help me as i lost contact with manan...... realy need help

Anonymous said...

sorry, i can not help you

Anonymous said...

First international swindler and slut. No body trust him with money!

Anonymous said...

Shit Person with shit life

Anonymous said...

this guy is a crook, be aware!

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