Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Know if an Estate Planner Career is Right for You?

You may have never thought about will writing as a career, but there is an ever growing demand for will writing professionals in the Malaysia. As with any writing career, you of course need to be able to form proper sentences and write well. According to Rockwills MD Saw Leong Aun "Top performers can earn up to RM100,000 a year while an average performer can earn about RM5,000 a month, depending on their commitment and effort. Some of the full-timers produce 20 to 30 wills a month while part-timers rake in about five to six wills per month," he said, adding that a will can cost RM300 to RM12,000, depending on the number of clauses.

Im so happy that CWA has partnered with As-Salihin to add to our arsenal of products for our clients. I hear estate planner do very well in cross selling insurance as they package Life Insurance / Takaful products with the wills. Note that a lot of estate planner are also insurance/takaful agents just like you guys. Not only will this partnership will add new sources of income it will also will increase the number of big premium life insurance cases.

So how to start your career as an estate planner with CWA?

Step 1
Register for the estate planning course by As-Salihin and CWA which will start on the 24th March onwards. Only applicable for existing consultants. If you're not a consultant yet please register with us.

Step 2
Attend the course and receive certification after the two days course. Only certified consultants can start their estate planning business.

Step 3
Prospect and Sell your services

Estate planning / Will Writing Career Benefits...

Opportunities are abound as 52% of our 28million Malaysian population are Muslims, out of which we have 5million who are eligible to write wasiat and yet 95% of these Muslims are without estate planning (note- there are RM 40 Bil of unclaimed cash and assets left by the Dead, source : New Sunday Times, 27th January 2007).

Armed with our wholesome range of Islamic Estate Planning products and services as below, this is your OPPORTUNITY to provide value added services to your clients. Do you think that gives you a large target audience? You bet it does. What you earn depends on how hard you work. You can easily make a nice income from will writing or you can use it as supplemental income.

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