Friday, February 05, 2010

Special forum with Christina Khoo

It was a wonderful session this yesterday morning with christina
khoo..if u hv missed out these are the essence of her sharing...

Why mdrt? MDRT is a decision n purpose, its a lifestyle n inspiration,
its a product of an amazing life! What is our roles? We r here to
uncover client's challenges, with our uniquely diferent approaches.

1 life to live was her motto to keep investing herself in enriching
her to b a better person.

Behind every sales there is a market more value than the sales
itself... Ask for REFERRALS from this humorous speaker.

Look into the
QUALITY of the questions we asked n deliver ur work according to the
words u promised.

Let's go all out to help our clients to uncover their challenges with us!!!

Created by: KIAN


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