Friday, November 16, 2007

Be A Wealth Advisor

Do you want to be financially free?
Do you want to end your money pressures forever?
Do you want to add an extra stream of income to your life?
If you answered yes, then let us show you how you can begin LIVING YOUR DREAMS THIS YEAR before it’s too late. 

I’ll get right to the point.
I would like you to be part of our group under the Millionaire Sisters Team. Our group which is part of one of the biggest banking group in Malaysia has won numerous awards and recognition and consistently has been ranked among the top 5 agencies in our company. Lead by two dynamic entreprenuers Miss Akmar and Miss Aida Nurlin has a combined experience of 14 years in the business.

Want to know the secret to our success?
The secret lies in our unique selling system and training. Between the two of them we have succesfully produced 8 agency owners. A top agency owner on average produces around RM 50 Million in a year. Now if you're getting more than 50 Million a year how much would you be earning??

Come and see us to know more.
We are looking for people who are dynamic, self motivated, energetic and has good people skills! The rest can be learned. The secrets lies in our group building system, group support system and group development road-map that will make you grow rapidly. You dont need a background in finance or accounting to be succesfull in this business.

What will you get when you join us?
  • Our agency has a combined of 14 years of experience in the industry and has consistently been ranked among the top 5 agency in our company. We are quite well known in the industry for our training and results.
  • Our Group Agency Manager (GAM) has won NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE but FOUR TIMES the coveted "Master Builder Award" which is the highest recognition awarded to an agency owner/GAM
  • Our agency currently and our partner Monalisa PWA has produced 4 MDRT's and 1 COT which is a worldwide recognition in the financial service industry related to insurance and unit trust.
  • Be part of a young and dynamic team. Team support is essential in this business.
  • An opportunity to be your own boss with flexible working hours.
  • We don't only market Unit Trust but also Insurance and Islamic Estate Planning (wasiat) therefore we provide a total financial solution for our clients. Plus we plan to offer more solution to our clients.
  • As of 2011 our company is the biggest company under market capitalization in Malaysia.
  • A chance to explore the largely untapped multi-billion ringgit unit trust industry. A Group Agency Manager or Agency Owners have the potential to earn millions of ringgit every year.
  • You get recognised and rewarded for your hard work. Other perks include free holiday package at least 2 times a year, peer recognition, free insurance coverage, year end bonus, car loan subsidy and many more.
  • Earn 6 levels of income from unit trust, quaterly bonuses for your insurance cases and much more from your wasiat clients!!
  • We have one of the highest commission schemes in the industry. In 2009 and 2010 the highest ever sale in a single transaction is RM 50 million that is almost RM 2 million in commission.
We're forming a team of committed people who are really serious about their financial future. If you're interested in the business either as a part timer or full timer or just interested to hear from us, just text me your details i.e Name and Email so i can set an appointment for our next business preview seminar.

Fill in this form and we will update you on our next FREE business preview.

Or contact us @ or Reserve your seats via SMS/Call:
03 7843 0506/03 (call)
013 333 8886/7 (sms)

write in your "name" and "email" to book your seat for next free business opportunity seminar.

We will send you a confirmation sms/email after you have registered. We only accept 20 people per seminar so RSVP your seats now.

Go to “join us” for more info.


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