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Why Selling Insurance is Great Business

Career In Our Agency

The Concept of Life insurance

Life Insurance is 'dollars purchased at a discount to be paid to somebody someday.
Life Insurance is perhaps one of the most important financial tools today. Life insurance is not only the most efficient way of furnishing security but for most people it is the only way that can provide them security and a “good financial earth”.

Life insurance is one of the best possible devices for family protection plus it is also a saving instrument that provides a reasonable rate of return with minimal risk. No other financial product offers protection to dreaded events such as premature death, sudden illness, etc.

And it does not end there, the concept of life insurance can be a device for Business Finance, as an investment, retirement income, educational trust and the list goes on. The possibilities of life insurance are almost endless but suffice to say, at Platinum Wealth Advisors, we require bright, dedicated, honest and caring individuals who love meeting people to set up these programs for our clients.

Opportunities in Life Insurance
The population in Malaysia has been averaging an annual growth rate of 6.3% for the last 20 years and most of them need financial products like life insurance to offer elements of security against critical illnesses, death, old age, children's education, etc. That is the reason why we are so optimistic about the Life Insurance business! If you think these concerns are close to your heart, then you could be the person we are looking for.
Sound interesting? Wish to know more about Life Insurance and its career path? Please email go to "join us" for more information.

Why college graduates should consider a career as an insurance agent?
Many insurance companies recruit college graduates, particularly those who have majored in business or economics, to become agents. Thousands of them have become successful insurance sales representatives. Nevertheless, there are also lawyers, pilots, accountants, businessmen, engineers and teachers who have joined this industry and attained great success.

An insurance sales representative reap the seeds they sow. This job is result-orientated. A successful representative can earn a very high income and there is no reason why a college graduate cannot achieve it too. However, it requires determination, hard work and honesty, to achieve such success. Besides, the working hours are flexible, with appointments scheduled for the clients’ convenience.

Insurance will always be in demand, unlike other tangible products available in the market. Insurance companies will continue to enhance their insurance products to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their clients’. Economic conditions, shortage of raw materials or even an employee strike does not affect the insurance sales representative. Don’t you think this is a great job for you?

Platinum Wealth Advisors desires to be represented by Agents who are known to be honest and who possess integrity. Every effort is made to attract such persons and we will continuously offer assistance in order for them to accomplish their objectives in the field of Life Assurance-selling.
Platinum Wealth Advisors believes that quality of business produced is in direct ratio to the quality of Agents recruited. Therefore, Platinum Wealth Advisors emphasises on careful selection, based on high qualification standards.
Educational Requirements

Bank Negara Malaysia / LIAM has stipulated the following minimum educational requirements for an agent to be contracted:

Career Path
Platinum Wealth Advisors provides career advancement for those who possess great determination to pursue a career in this industry. The insurance industry is result-orientated and through good performance, one can be promoted to a management position in a relatively short period of time.

• Aged 21 and above
• Completed SPM / MCE with minimum 5 passes OR
• Malaysian Citizen

Annual Overseas Convention
Every year, the top performing agents who qualify will be invited to attend the Annual Overseas Convention which include:
• Return airfare trip
• Five-star hotel accommodation
• Gala Dinner and Convention

Career in Agency
Platinum Wealth Advisors Career Path

In Platinum Wealth Advisors, we offer an unlimited career opportunity for qualified individuals to become an wealth advisor. The career path that we offer is designed to develop high caliber university graduates and professionals catering to the needs of an upscale market.
As a Wealth Advisor, one will play a consultative role in the area of personal financial planning. Essentially, financial planning covers the following four areas:-
• Wealth protection
• Wealth accumulation
• Wealth conservation
• Wealth distribution


Anonymous said...

It's great to see continued advancement with technology in the life insurance industry. Looking forward to seeing how these companies grow over the next 5 years or more.

rohan said...

Best insurance Rogers Arkansas Wow, cool post. I'd like to write like this too - taking time and real hard work to make a great article... but I put things off too much and never seem to get started. Thanks though.

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