Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Goal Setting Training

2009 will be a great year for all Platinians and to prepare for everyone for the year ahead we had a goal setting session carried out by Msister Akmar and Elynn.

Everyone in platinum brought their goal book to set their own personal goal for the year ahead.

A goal book is used to tap your subconcious mind and attract your goal easily and effortlessly.

What you can attract??
1. My dream car
2. My dream holiday.
3. My dream income
5. My dream house
6. My dream appearance
7. Live an amazing lifestyle
8. My dream wealth advisor group (group building).

An example how to do it. First of all open your goal book to the inside cover and in big letters write the following: All this by Divine Right, Divine Inspiration, Divine Intervention, Divine Timing & with Good for all concerned.

1) I have a beautiful new or like new car
2) My new car is white
3) My new car has a 4-litre V8 engine
4) My car has a leather interior
5) My car is a BMW
6) My BMW is an E92 M3
7) It has a cup holders
8) It has a CD player / changer
9) It has an AM/FM radio and plays mp3
10) It has an excellent speaker system
11) It has a 20 disc CD changer
12) My car has a lumbar adjustable driver’s seat
13) My new car has a black color interior
14) My new car is easily paid for
15) My new car is completely insured
16) The insurance is easily paid for
17) My car runs great
18) My car has an excellent warranty
19) Everyone who rides in my car is safe and protected at all times
20) Only those who are for my highest & the best good may ride in my car
21) My new car is seeking me as I am seeking it,And the Law of Attraction brings us together with love & understanding
22) I have the correct car for me

For the rest of your goal do the same. Think happy thoughts when you do your goal book and look at it everyday to remind you of your goal. Lets go for our dreams in 2009!!!!


Anonymous said...

wahh...ramai sungguh peserta

Azwan said...

Yup, tiap2 minggu training kitorang penuh.. berkat komitmen consultant - consultant semua.

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