Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Message from Msister Akmar and Elynn

Hi Platinians..

I love all of u and would like to share on what I read today and It has been what I believed all these while...

Greece deadline is getting nearer.. Visualization is a powerful tool to attract things in life easily and effortlessly.I have seen miracles happen to all my dlines. Miracles will happen to u too when u use the MAGIC of subconscious mind...

I want u to visualize GREECE.. U are there already.

1) REPEAT it every single minute..

2)Have FAITH in it

3)EXPECT it to happen... Expectancy is very very important..

Visualize that u are there in GREECE already..Sink it deeply in your mind as your subconscious mind is a faithful servant will obey you.


I love all of u and care for your success

Your Success is Vey Personal to me,

Akmar and Elynn

" This is your training ground to become award winning Gam ..be committed to pwa and be aligned and you will learn deeply and achieve success at an amazing speed."

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