Monday, December 29, 2008

Message from Msisters-Visualize and be crystal clear on your 2009 goal

Hi Platinians...

I am so excited with this quote...

I am a strong believer in affirmation and visualization.. I've seen lots of manifestation as the results of visualizing your goal :)

This quote is my new year gift to u..

" When you think to yourself, "Wow, that person is always so lucky, they always get whatever they want", think again. That is called manifestation. That person is visualizing, dreaming and taking action towards their goals. Always remember - your visions become your reality!"
Copyright © 2007 Marion Licchiello

I am so EXCITED with this quote and would like to share with u....

Keep on reading visualization book.. Visualize your awards, HK/macau trip n Hokaido.. Visualize u sorrounded with 50 Dynamic dlines of yours! :)

I'm so LUCKY to become Platinians :)

Yes..visualize and TAKE ACTION :)

Check out our blog and share the blog to another 10 friends that u care :) Get them to join u for a grreat rewarding 2009



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