Saturday, January 10, 2009

AZWAN Closed 1 GIP rm200 (annual rm2400 and 1 ELI (rm350 per month) !!!!!

Grreat news!!!

Our Giver AZWAN closed 1 GIP rm200 (client pay annual rm2400) and 1 ELI (rm350 per month)

WELL done!! Congrats!! Giver Azwan has been helping and
Sharing with all platinians how exciting Eli and GIP!!! By sharing with other dlines/platinians he attracts more sale!

"When U are a GIVER, The Universe will give more to u"

A step closer to Macau/HK!!!
He also gets Ang Pow Challenge!!!

Close rm36k FYP + rm526k EPF or rm230k Cash (or combination of both)

.. And DUPLICATE your success to 5 DYNAMIC Dlines... U earn rm45k Per month consistently!!!!!

EVERYDAY is A Submission day!!Submit 1 UT sale and 1 INS sale daily

Your Success is Vey Personal to me,



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