Friday, January 30, 2009

Do you want to close rm100k Unit trust daily? And learn from MICHEL how to collect BIGG Cash?

Come Saturday 10am to learn

1)How MICHEL closed BIGG Insurance case

2)learn from GM Unit Trust AIDA How she closed 100k EPF Unit Trust yesterday

3)Learn from AZEEM how he closed 100k Unit trust daily

4)Learn from GM Insurance Tycoon SHEEMA how she closed INSURANCE Easily and Effortlessly. Also how to collect BIG Cash from client

5)How to close HM package... Rm1million package... Client gets rm4.5mil in 20 years!!! By putting in DALI 2 and ELI8!!! DALI 2 is declaring 7sen dividend on 9th February!!

**Our blood is recruitment. Bring 3friends each and report to tycoon Sherinna on your guest lists



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