Friday, January 30, 2009

Fast track today in MS Akmar s room

Hi Msisters Group!

We had a FUN time learning our new sales kit during fast track

Special Session by our very own Msisters!!! Their 16 combined year of experience in SALES and LEADERSHIP

We learn Today

*Which packages gives the Most INCOME?

*What script to use?

*When to smile, pause .. And Laugh :)

*Which Word and Sentence can excites your clients and get a YES!! YES!! And close on the spot!!

*Learn Skills from MSisters that is NOT in the sales Text Book! Coz its from their own 16 years experienced!!!!!

Those who missed todays session You can come next FRIDAY

Platinum MSisters Blue Theraphy Room :)

What to bring

1)New Sales Kit
2)2009 Membership card (Those who not yet renew membership can ask more from admin..special special discount valid in jan only)
3)Recruitment Kit

To all AM and AS, Please ensure that everyone from your team are there so that everyone can be MASTER in the new sales kit!!

Those members who attended today can come to learn and re learn for FREE next Friday

Ooohh YES :)

Email YES I'm excited and I come early next FRIDAY, 6th FEB 9am!!


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