Thursday, January 22, 2009

MSISTERS are BOTH Master Builders No.1 and No 2! In the whole malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are ahead fr the rests with BIG gap

Thanks to all our beloved Msisters group for your continuous support
and prayers.

Msisters Akmar and Elynn are no1 and no2... 7 consecutive months!!!!
Our hard work pays off as we are ahead from the rests of GAM with BIG
gap :)

Continue our passion to develop and help others to achieve Outstanding
results. We are the top as we contribute and give back to society by
developing more people. Recruit3x and be an award winner.

MS are also very Blessed to get supportive and committed TYCOONS and

Thanks to our ADC Mandee for the continuous help and support

Most important, our Special Appreciation to Dr Lawrence Walter Ng for
being our Mentor

Let's have Big Heart and Award Winner Attitude

Love and Care for your Success,



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