Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opps...MICHEL did it again!!!!!

WowwoowwW!!! MICHEL.. Did it again!! Last week FARAH and MICHEL
collected rm30k semi annual FYP cheque!!..

Today.. MICHEL did it again!! Collect BIGG cheque!! Rm 10,077 ELI!!!!!!

Also, she closed another 3 retail.. Rm600 monthly ELI + rm400 monthly
ELI + rm 2K annual GIP15!!!

She is very very near to HK/Macau!!!!

Let's close more n be mdrt!

Come to our new sales kit training 9am-12noon FRIDAY by Msisters and
saturday training 10am to learn from our queen in Insurance MICHEL how
to collect BIG Insurance premium

I'm so excited! 'Search Intensely For the Right Wealth Advisory Opportunity'

Care for your success,



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