Sunday, January 11, 2009

Summary of our training for this week.

Wednesday's 'Sharing Of Experience' was full of excited stories of insurance case closes by Rudy, Zafarul, Heidi, Azwan and Fairuz. Ideas of how to close WLNP and ELI on the spot was given by MS Akmar.

Red Saturday training started with a Great Energizer session. Everybody danced up and got to practice the Plantinum dance (lead by Ms Elynn) to 'Low'. Tycoon Aida started the first training of 2009 with a viewing of 'The Secret' video. Everyone were divided to 3 groups (4-5 pax) and discuss the topics featured in d video. Law of Attraction, the power of thoughts and the processes of attraction through gratitude and visualisation were among the facts featured.

The the GM of Blog (Azwan), GM of Unit Trust (Aida), GM of Recruitment (Syahril), GM of Sales Kit (Diyana) each promoted the projects for this month.

Lastly, Ms Akmar gave a simple, concise method to close ELI and GIP cases on the spot w/out the use of SIS printouts and visuals.

Our next training will be next wednesday at 5.30pm and saturday 10am. Training is very important to develop your self as a wealth advisor.


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