Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well done platinum! As@today We are 1st in Insurance aia!!!!!

Hi platinians,

I just had lunch with mandee and she showed me the report...

I'm very happy and excited  to share will all Msisters that as at Today... We are No 1 in insurance!!!

Well done to done!!

MS Elynn(GAM) Group is leading with Highest Number of Cases (GAM Total Group)!!! Wow!!!

Great news!!
HEIDI (Michel s dline) close 2 ELI and 1 Epf today! Tycoon SHEEMA 2 ELI today! RUDY 1 ELI! ZAFARUL 7 WLNP! MICHELE 4 Eli!!

Update me your sales :)

Love n Support,
Your Success is Vey Personal to me,


" This is your training ground to become award winning Gam ..be committed to pwa and be aligned and you will learn deeply and achieve success at an amazing speed."

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