Friday, February 27, 2009

21st Feb 09 Saturday Training “Concept and Story Telling Selling”

Hi guys,

Apologise for the late update. I haven’t been feeling well since last Saturday and actually still have some flu and cold but getting better. I think i conducted one of the best training personally because on that day a lot of you guys felt that it really benefited you guys. Hopefully we can have similar trainings on skills in our up coming training. For those who couldn't attend, what can i say.. maybe next time??? Hehe… By the way I've emailed the slides to everyone. If you are in Platinum1 and Platinum2 email list you should get it. If you didn’t email me at


Anyway back to the training, almost 50 people attended the training. It was a great turnout and we had a lot of new faces in the group. As usual we started with our energizer.

Straight to the training then.. most unit trust consultants love to talk about returns, market, past performance, awards etc but most clients don't really understand the terms or the benefits of these facts there for a wealth advisor must talk in lay mans term. What better way to talk to our clients by telling them a story or sharing a concept of how we can help them to solve their financial needs.

In insurance, it is really important to share the concept of insurance. How many ways do you think can insurance be used to help a client? 1? 2? 10? Well i listed down 49 ways how you can sell insurance by just selling a concept and you don’t to utter the word “insurance” since it always create a negative image in most people’s mind.

Sample stories, concepts and some scripts were shared. You can get some of them in your email. All in all i think we had a great session and hope to see you guys soon this Saturday for our next training. Be early because you may miss some valuable knowledge that may help you in your unit trust and insurance career. If you have any questions email me at

Think and Dream Big,

Azwan Yusoff


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