Monday, February 02, 2009

Aida's group

'We've had a Great start to Chinese New Year at Platinum. Looking forward to a year full of Energy and positive Vibrations for all!!

Last week I closed RM120k in total epf sales by repeating my existing clients. In this case after I got their thumbprint, I had them introduce me to their friend and ON THE SPOT closed! I got a total of RM 80k repeat sales n RM 40k in New sales on THE SPOT !! I totally believe in being committed to your clients coz when TRUST is there SALES is there!!

Also, I would like to personally highlight the Amazing results of my group members, Michele( Siti Fairuz), Farah, Heidi and Abd Manan!! They hv showed commitment and success by closing BIG Insurance sales!!

Michele has so far closed a total of Rm 15k annual WLNP + RM 10,077 ELI + RM 600 monthly ELI + RM 400 ELI + RM 2k GIP 15!! So very close to Macau/ Hong kong!

Farah has closed a total of RM15k annual WLNP!

Heidi closed 3 cases for WLNP!!

Manan has closed RM 90k in UT!! n collected
7 INSURANCE cases!!! 5 cases ELI8 ( 3 cases rm500/monthly + 2 cases 300/monthly)
2 GIP15 rm200/ monthly!!

Wowowowww!! A shout out to all u Amazing people!! Am so proud to be on the same team w/u guys!! Let's inspire and energise one another!

Make 2009 an Awesome Year!!!

Love u all!!

Aida Adnan


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