Sunday, February 01, 2009

Saturday training!

We had a great Saturday training conducted by TYCOON SHIMA, sharing by Tycoons & Apprentices!

Shima was at her best today with one of her best training yet!! All Platinians set their own personal target for February 09 on Unit trust sales, Insurance and recruitment. Everyone was divided in groups of 3 to 4 where each team declared their teams target for the month. 

These are some sharing by some of our champions during the session!!

[1] Michelle (Siti Fairuz)

She shared with everyone how she managed to get 30k FYP just in January 09. That's close to 15k income in one month just from insurance sales. She said its all about target market. If you want to get big amounts in insurance you must approach the right kind of people.

[2] Azeem

Azeem shared how does his 'redah'. Its about face value and being persistent. If you want to 'redah' make sure you are comfortable with the building and the people working there can afford to invest and save. It was a great sharing by azeem and it really show that hard work pays off.

[3] Jasni

He shared how he managed to get close to 100k epf from 10 epf clients. Its about asking for referals and "berkampung" at one office.

[4] Pika

He shared his first experience while doing 'redah'. Its the best way to close on the spot and saves time.

[5] Syahril

Today was the last day for Syahril in Platinum as he will be opening his own office in Kota Damansara. He said thanks for everyone's support especially MS Elynn and MS Akmar. He shared his 7 years experience in the agency his journey towards becoming a GAM. Akmar and Elynn also shared their memories of Syahril's growing up in the agency.

Training was ended with the song Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir where everyone joined hands and sang passionately.

Insurance and Unit trust training was then held in after the motivation training. Come for next Wednesday training at 5pm and Saturday 10am for more great learning.


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