Thursday, February 12, 2009

SOE yesterday update!

" Ideas… plus Enthusiasm… plus ACTION… will amount to Significant Results, if you go after a VISION with belief that IT'S possible - on a daily basis."

Hai platinians,

Yesterday we had a great Sharing session; by pika and arfah

They really believe in law of sowing and reaping! Last 3 months they approach a client and didn't sign up on the spot,because of their persistency and enthusiasm, they manage to closed an ELI insurance case from that client yesterday!

Pika and arfah got a great momentum energy in closing! They submitted 250k++ in unit trust sale already and going for 526k!

by tycoon aida

She closed 140k epf unit trust yesterday by closing all her repeat clients; All in one day! From one client, she got many referrals and everyday will be another 'kutip buah easily day'(closed epf easily and effortlessly)

By michele
Wow! We love her courage!! Her sharing was to get everyone to see high networth! High networt! High networth! Untill u achieve your breakthrough this year.... :)

By Msister Master Builder Akmar

Her sharing was so great that everyone had a bigggggg AHA to alwaysssss remain
She managed to closed ALL her clients easily and effortlessly! FLY effortlessly! Just like the song Miss Independent!
"She walk like a boss! Talk like a boss! She fly effortlessly!"

Clients was soo amazed with her very short presentation and sign up immediately! Only 8MINS to present!

She shared another 5secrets of her Master in Attractions and her great success habits!
If u want to know more, do come for tomorrow FRIDAY FAST TRACK and Friday FREE lunch and SATURDAY TRAINING !

Wow! Let's just be exactly like MS akmar and the rests! NO wonder MS Akmar is our 3rdtime Winner for Master Builder Award last year! The ONE and ONLY 3rd time Winner in history!!! Never ever ppl won 3times!!!

Lastly, Msister Elynn( Master trainer of the week) emphasized on platinums favourite word for the month is RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE s TIME!
Be on time always,15mins early every meetings and appoinments..even be early to do your Nails or EYELASH :)

See ya ll today 4-6pm at Sunway for our recruitment drive!

'Search Intensely For the Right Wealth Advisory Opportunity'


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