Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special thanks From the Master trainer team of the week :)

Hai tycoon and apprentice and platinians!

Thanks for your support just now!
I felt great today as many of our team member felt.

*the great Momentum energy in training..tak putus2 the excitement and surprises..from jasni radzuwil
*Active Audience Participtn! Loadss of games and great messages behind it
*Smooth presentation and got creative and interactive slides :) ..yezzer
*set up ridzwan radzwil..they are soo excited and thrill...
*Even got role play
*Tips to dress well, cat walk

...And this all happens because of tycoons and apprentice s undying SUPPORT..
Thanks for coming today..

Let's continue this great energy in training , sales and recruitment....

Thanks again!

Msisters elynn,jasni, zamri,nani and mahdiah!

P/s: we ll do more excitement the next training for platinians! Committed :)


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