Tuesday, February 24, 2009

XO Unit trust submission- GM Unit trust AIDA submit rm205,300 last week! Well done!

Hi Msisters Group!

I always believe in become champion is sales during "interesting" market cycle!

Yess!! I do agree with mr chan kok hin address note last nite on becoming top sales champion during this "economic cleansing".. Those who are strong and powerful in their mind can really do well..

Yess,! Yess!! Msisters become 3times master builders during recession times!! I am really inspired by the singaporean agent whom can really sell and emerge as no1 during this time.. I believe Msisters Group are all with this attitude..

We are no1 during this economic cleansing!

Keep on coming to agency for support and trainings :)

Well done to GM unit trust - Aida adnan submit rm205,300 last week
Ms akmar rm330k

Let's continue our passion to help all clients out there to average down and buy during this cheap time :)

Love and care for your success



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