Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Akmar's Master Builder Speech


The fact that All of you are Here...
It shows the spirit of champions...

That's why we sing the song to you
I want to salute ALL of You

Among Us are also Leaders of the champions!.... Which ..... I admire(Dlines remain On stage)

Thanks for the support....

1YM Tunku Ahmad Burhanuddin Tunku Adnan Chairman
2Pn. Raja Noorma BOD
3Mr. Tan Beng Wah CEO
4Raymond Tang Chief Investment Officer
5Mr. John Campbell Tupling BOD
6Geoffrey Wong BOD
7En.Badlisyah Abdul Ghani ICM
8Mr. Chan Kok Hin. CMO
9Mr. Chung Yoon Shan. SVP
10Ms.Yong Lai YinAIA - AVP
11Mr.Eugene TanAIA - Snr Mktg Manager

I am very grateful to God, our creator For allowing me to win again this master builder. I always belief in being a giver, and helping others and God will reward us in manifolds. Law of attraction has become my strong principle.

There are so many people who are in large part very responsible for this moment... And starting of course, ... From this lady whom I have great honour to work with for almost 10 years! .... She is not only my PARTNER in business, but also very amazing sister! MillionaireSisters Elynn...

.... She has been my strengths .. And she is also 2nd place master Builder! I'd like to share with her this patek philippe watch.. Can we have msister elynn to be on the stage....

Of course To our parents, en hanif and puan rashada, family and friends..., who always want the very very best from us. Thank you...

To drLW...... Thank You......

To mgmt staff of cimbwa and all adc's ..who are responsible for my growth in the business for the past 10 years......and also winning this award for the 3rd time..... Thanks for your support namely Mandee and our previous ADC Sonny and Alan and all ADC Team...

I love the word consistent and focus.
In 2008, it was a challenging year for all of us with so many changes in the industry.

The same goes for 2003 and 2005. Against all odds...... i've managed to stretch my self to win The Master Builder Award in all of these 3 challenging years.

When there is a Crisis there is always Danger and Opportunity. I urge everyone to stretch your self to take this opportunity because during this time it is important to not forget why we are here in this business which is to add value to our customers, team members, family and company.

During a crisis it is a real time to test our strengths..... and strong ones will sustain and congratulations to all of you. The fact you are still here means that you are a champion.

Everyday is a great day and not only a day.. It is a NEW Exciting day! Affirm, Visualize and Let Go and Let God!

Both Msisters work very hard, we support each other so that both excel and BOTH... become master builder.....and with a big gap of more than 10%.

Thanks to God, Both Msisters are no 1 and no 2 in the whole CIMBwa.

All Gams you are my best are my inspirations , love and Hope. You are also our idol.

To Msisters DANCE Group, Led by Msisters Elynn, who cheorograph the steps and movements.. Can we give a round of applause to Msisters elynn...... I really admire the Msisters DANCE group.... your commitment and passion, the team power that you have shown. We put commitment for more than 33 hours to make it look amazing. The Dance, teaches us to be ...not only committed but also 100percent teachable to the leader, 100percent dicipline and focus.

Courage Passion Determination.

These are the essence of a champion..

All Msisters Group, especially to our dynamic Tycoon and Apprentice Club,.... And all the entire Msisters Group....... This 3times master builder is not only Msisters award.. But it is our teams award! The relationship, Love and support... I can't get it elsewhere. It is so beautiful...I feel so practically blessed!

To all GAMs, AMs, AS and UTCs, we never take your devotions and hard work for granted.... Congratulations!!

Let's make this 2009 Our greatest Come Back!!!!

Thank you and I love all of u




Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Akmar,

U're really great..!! MSisters also amazing.. Congratulations!!

I pray to god u're always success...


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