Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gd news! ROSE dynamic dline ZAFARUL just signed up 2 weeks ago closed 12 cases EPF yesterday and 50k last friday!

Gd news! Join us now ! By joining Msisters Group you will get the right training, leadership and care by dynamic Tycoons and MS directly!!

ROSE closed 12 cases EPF and 50k last week! Wow! And she is just 2 weeks old in the business!! And she's a part timer!! We support her to be a fulltimer as soon as possible.

I'm so excited! ROSE is very teachable and committed-she is in our Dynamic Power Dance Msisters lead by Msister Aida Nurlin Jasmine :) :)

Come and join us Now as it is so easy to do it. Markets are abundance and This is the best time to help clients to have Total Financial Freedom.

Invite another 2 friends for BOP saturday 2.30pm.. Find another 2 dynamic dline just like ROSE :)

Email Ohh YESSS I love to recruit!


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