Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspirational of attraction..

Michelle here..

I want to share that I have a quit challenging day n I told myself that I want some motivation @ inspirational story

As I was having my lunch,the restaurant tune in to oprah n she was talking about 'law of attraction'!! What a coincident!

Oprah said,focus on what u want,be thankful of what u have and forgive urself! Yes! Stop blaming urself,When u forgive urself u release the peace energy n u will get what u want!

Oprah also add,list 3 things that u want to have n paste it on d mirror,look at it everyday and at d end say 'I love (ur name)' n see how long does the law of attraction works for u.

She shared that jim carey once wrote a 10mil cheque n put a date on thanksgiving 1995,he put the cheque in his wallet,after 3yrs on thanksgiving 1995 he got an offer of 10mil to play a role in dumb n dumber!!!

Whatever u do,never ever give up,no matter what condition just keep on moving foward!!

Okhwart tollie said if u want war in life then u'll get a war,so adjust ur inner thought n start wanting what u always dream of!



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