Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday training!!

Hello platinians!!

Tomorrow our Insurance Superstar Michele aka CT Fairuz will share her secret how she manages to close big Insurance Cases consistently every month.

Have you ever wondered why you can't close your insurance cases, or dont know how to start talking about insurance. Maybe you dont have enough skill to do it. Tomorrow our superstars will share their tips and secrets how you start presenting bout insurance and how to close the deal.

If your attend the training, scripts to allign with client will be given & magic word from MS Akmar that comfirm will seal the deal..

It will be an exciting training tomorrow with games and motivation!!

Benefit for the training:-

1)Will boost ur income through insurance sale

2)Will guarantee u to qualify MACAU/HONG KONG

3)It will be turning point in ur life coz when u have money u can change ur life style

4)Most important!!! Ur helping ur client n their family..imagine u r giving 1million cheque to the family when ur client die??? Its an honoured for a wealth advisors to do that!!

Come early at 10am tomorrow. Macau/HK getting nearer. If you're committed to learn on how to do well insurance email "Im in Saturday 10am".



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