Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Redah and F2F training by Jayen & Diana

Wow! What a wonderful training by Jayen and Diana on one of the most
valuable skills, Face2Face & Redah!

All consultants need this skill because on some days that they don’t
have appointments or prospects to see, they can approach anyone, use
the right words to say and get appointments or sale on the spot!

And for new consultants, this is the best way to build up client base
quickly and get consistent income. :)

What does it means to do F2F and Redah?
There are 5 RULES of F2F and Redah!


Those who came for training were given SCRIPTS of the right things to
say, the techniques to use at each step and there was a demo ROLE PLAY
session for everyone to practice with comments from the Millionaire
Sisters, and other leaders.

It was a great learning experience especially for new consultants, it
can ensure they can do ‘cold-calling’ approaches with their future
prospects :)

Have an amazing selling week!
Idham Idris
Platinum Wealth Advisors


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