Thursday, March 05, 2009

Relaunch of MU Campaign Circular

Hi Msisters Group

I am so excited with relaunch of MU campaign. It is from 2nd March-31st march
Approve by 14 april (refer circular)

Submit 5 Life insurance WLNP case or rm8000 FYP, you win a MU Jersey! Further more u can win up to 2 jerseys!

Let's win this at the same time it is a journey towards qualifying HK/Macau!

I'm excited!
Email Ohh YES!!

EVERYDAY is A Submission day!!Submit 1 UT sale and 1 INS sale daily

'Search Intensely For the Right Wealth Advisory Opportunity'

Your Success is Vey Personal to me,

" This is your training ground to become award winning Gam committed to pwa and be aligned and you will learn deeply and achieve success at an amazing speed."

"Activities create RESULTS"


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