Saturday, April 11, 2009

Champions of ELI :) from Msisters Group- Gd news!

Hi Msisters Group!
Grreat news to Vibrate!! Deputy GM Insurance MICHEL and MARINA submit 100k Each! ELI!!!! Thats a total of 200k FYP. Both are the 1st person to qualify HK/Macau From Platinum!

Wow!! Amazing! It is so easy to close ELI!! Let's qualify HK/Macau now..
All Platinians are closing ELI easily and Effortlessly!! KAK MARIA and AZWAN are very close! K.MARIA Subbmitted 12k last week and today closed another 12k!!! So 24k already! Another half way to go!!

AZWAN closed 7.3k last week and today another 12k !!! Wow!! Wow!! Azwan is very very near to HK/Macau!! Sebelah kaki dah sampai :)
Let's have everyone qualify HK/Macau and Hokaido!! We can have a Grreat time@ DISNEYLAND HKong!!!!

Let's have 55 platinians ROCK This Party :)
Come SATURDAY 10am for a special HK/Macau/Hokaido and RECRUITMENT Launching 10am and Bring 3 prospect dlines BOP 2.30pm.. Invite your friends/sisters/brothers/cousin to join this amazing business..

Email YES I qualify HK/Macau n Hokaido and I bring 3 dlines This saturday BOP 2.30pm
Cya 3pm Tycoon appr meeting
Your Success is Vey Personal to me,

Msisters Akmar and Elynn!


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