Friday, April 10, 2009

Joy of Recruitment

Hi Msisters Group!

I just want to say that I'm so excited with recruitment. During the holiday, especially during cruise Greece, I was very emotional looking at all my dlines... They Used to be platinians, and now so successful becoming gam, a successful entrepenuer..... Imagine yourself now under platinum and later being a gam, bringing your team to Greece.....all having a good life now in Greece.. The feeling is so Grreat.. I'm so happy with them, their achievements and feel so happy that this business can touches other people s life

They used to come to office with kancil, now porsche cayyene, no car... Now a bmer, or a a merc :) esp the faces also ..very well groomed !! :)

I'm so happy! :)

The feeling is so great! I want you to feel this way... Recruit3x aggressively.

I always remember this amazing sentence that keeps us moving and having the UP system :) most of the time, I'd like to share it with you



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