Monday, April 13, 2009

Manan s amazing income this month!! 12k!!!

Hi Msisters Group!

I'm so excited that AIDA s dynamic superstar- MANAN receives his 5
digit commission this month!!!! 12k income!!

He says he's very Grateful to be a platinians and would like to recruit more!

This month recruitment message is, use this message to get People to come BOP

YOU CAN GET 5 digit Income doing PART TIME... Manan has done it 12k
this month...

..And even BETTER when you do FULL time and full time FOCUS in
achieving target.. Michel and Marina.. 200k submission.. 85 k !!

Let us become TOP RECRUITER and help more people to become champion!

Recruit dynamic dlines and bring 3pax for BOP 8.30pm this wednesday

Msister Elynn


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