Monday, April 20, 2009


SATURDAY training started with sharing by manan,on his great income this mnth
Why he received great income although part time because he got commitment to invest rm500 every week to come for training to pwa kl from johor.

So, no issues of jauh! We love your attitude that, everything dekat sahaja and committed :)

He is going to turn full time soon

More great sharing from,
Ms elynn 91k eli
Ms akmar 24k eli 135k epf

Tycoon azwan 15k eli
K.maria 24k eli
Haniza 1eli case
K.sita 6cases eli 43k epf

We have 8days working days more to close for eli!

Easy sale vs Appoinment. Which is better?

Amazing sessison! Thanks to everyone for contributing your super energy! So much fun!!

Thanks to the amazing sound engineer:) azwan, juri2 and easy sale and appointment team and most important.. Superboy and Ms elynn!

We love your energy!!

Feedback and support by JURI2
Jayen-"both need to go by numbers ,jumpa ramai client..very important!"

Shima-"both are important as long as u know when to do easy sale and when to do appointment and also their target market...plan well..
Follow the ms selling habit"

Ms akmar-"both method work hand in hand.. Easy sale is a MUST... At the same time buat appoinment
-Easy sale boleh see 20ppl per day..we need to go for numbers game
- know your predictable closing amount target for the day..perhaps, easy sale must know how to scan the right client
80% easy sale and 20% appointment"

Next session is the,

Affirmation works! Msister akmar and elynn both affirm to be master builder..and they both got no 1 and no 2 due to their great affirmation

LET us ALL be award winners!

So,platinians its very important to come for saturday training! It is a very fruitful and energetic session for u to be an award winner and also sharpen the mnidset of an entreprenuer! ;)

*learn and grow consistently*


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