Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Send 1000 email to your friends, potential dlines etc to help you to recruit

Send this message for your recruitment email..

Msisters have just won the master Builder award recently, The highest award for leadership in the industry. This is the 3rd time they won and None other leaders in the industry have made it 3times. The only 3times award winner. They want to share the secrets. They have found a formula to help retrench people or working people to earn extra income and also young people who are ambitious to be future Millionaires.

And if they follow this formula diligently, they can become Become Young Millionaires. Msisters branding have won 3times, which no body have done, and which gives concrete truth for this formula.

So, now the Msisters want to share this proven formula with all Malaysians, so that more Malaysians can be young Millionaire during this economic situation.

Come to a special preview WED 8pm at ara damansara, Book your seat now as I only have 3 seats only. ***** akmar.p1@millionairesisters.org **

Venue: xxx
Address: xxx
Time: xx

Email me to get your reservation number


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