Thursday, April 09, 2009


Earn Goyang Kaki money easily and effortlessly forever and ever!

We had a great SOE Sharing session; conducted by TYCOON JAYEN and by our Millionaire Sisters! MS Akmar and MS Elynn just touched down from Greece!

Even with jetlag they can’t wait to share their wonderful experience in Athens!

Both of them shared the EXCITING  SHOPPING experience in Greece, the famous brand in Greece which is FOLLI FOLLIE!

JASNI, PIKA, MICHELLE and ZAFARUL each recited a ‘sajak/puisi’ describing their feelings when MS is in GREECE … and what their ACTION plan to go for HOKKAIDO JAPAN! WE Support YOU!


MS Akmar had the biggest discovery in Greece – there she was able to see all her former downlines who had ‘grown up’ and now are AMs and GAMs … she feels so blessed and happy because it is all due to her HARDWORK and PaSSioN to RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT while she was still an AS …

And it all started with one person … which recruited his friend, which recruited their friend, which recruited their family members, etc. and so on and so on … now they are all strong leaders!


The AMAZING THING is she is earning GOYANG KAKI money for so many years! Already over 9 years in the business! From Equalization bonus and group overriding … and earning it easily and effortlessly :)

It’s SOOOOO important to ‘RECRUITx3!’ … even if the person you RECRUIT may not yet be your SUPERSTAR … the next person they bring in may very well be!

MS Elynn shared her experience recruiting an XO downline who is now a GAM … when she recruited this person he was able to bring in MILLIONS to the group … IMAGINE having a downline like that!

This SATURDAY for BOP – bring in your guest x 3! Ask your upline/tycoons/GAM how you can start …. Begin your journey to EARN Goyang KAKI money … RECRUITx3!


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