Friday, May 15, 2009

Skill SOE training wednesday 13th May 5.30pm-7pm


MS Akmar shared how to do ELI Easily and Effortlessly. This month is the month to make it happen and qualify HK/Macau

MS Elynn shared on how she collected 33k insurance sale. She's master in doing RETAIL and Retail is the Best! She's now no1 in Insurance ranking !

MARINA shared on how she closed 35k Unit Trust and she's going for more ELI Cases

DIANA and JAYEN has been Champion in doing EPF Retail. Both of them agree that unit trust investments via EPF, when client invests regularly every 3months.. Its a sure way of helping clients to make money when market goes up

SHEEMA reminded on everyone to register INS Perfect submission this saturday

ZAFARUL closed 111k epf in a day! And has been collecting Unit Trsut easily and effortlessly. Its Grreat to do retail! And Has been consistent in getting people to come BOP. Well done zafarul!

Let's go for TFF :)



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