Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Breaking News: The RM 15 Million Woman

This fascinating woman entrepreneur knows the secrets, holds the keys, and has the blueprint for making big bucks! How much can knowing one of these secrets maximize your success? How much money and time could you save if you knew the secrets of this successful woman? It’s like striking GOLD!

This amazing entrepreneur is none other than Shima. Her first taste of corporate sales was way back in August 2007 when she closed a deal amounting to RM500,000! Shima stresses that her success thus far has been achievable by leveraging on CIMB’s strong brand equity as well as being confident and doing her homework. Shima is a dreamer who thinks big and exudes positivity at all times. She’s also extremely energetic, adventurous and hardworking. When asked what she reckons has made her a success, she replied, ‘I’m like a sponge; I absorb new things and am always willing to learn from others. I also try not to miss out on opportunities which could enhance skills that I have already acquired. Above everything else, my customers’ needs are always my number one priority and that is my biggest secret to success. To be a winner, it is also important for one to possess the spirit of an entrepreneur and think from a business perspective without being afraid to be on the lookout for big sales and referrals. Confidence is everything’.

Shima also contributed her success of her current RM15 million unit trust sale to the structured presentation that emphasizes on the understanding of how Unit Trust schemes work. In order to make her million dollar deal become a reality, she had to identify the client’s hot button by conducting extensive research and background fact finding to understand the client’s needs, past investment experiences and any other concerns. It was also essential that she was equipped with the necessary technical knowledge about the current market.

Shima feels that new comers to this business need to be encouraged and motivated if they wantto have a taste of success. “They must be willing to learn and surround themselves with highly successful leaders who have tasted both, success as well as failure. It does take a lot of patience to go through the pain and frustration before one can have a bite of the fruit of success but it’s definitely worth the tears and effort. I had heard a lot of stories about Akmar and Aida Nurlin’s success so I decided to come down to Kuala Lumpur from my hometown in Terengganu to attend a Business Opportunity Program held at their office. I was determined to overcome all obstacles in front of me to pursue my dream. At the end of the day, it all boils down to networking; having a strong network of people will see you through”.

Shima makes it a point to attend any events or functions which are hosted by her clients. She says that she forms close friendships with her clients and their family members and this enables her to share her dreams and aspirations with them as they are always very supportive of her vision. This ambitious young lady already aspires to be the next best thing. She currently has 30 direct and indirect downlines and she has set her eyes on having her own agency by next year. ‘My goal is to recruit only quality agents and have at least 100 direct and indirect downlines in the next in the next one year. I will also focus more on high net worth clients’, she says.

There are also a few principles that this successful entrepreneur lives by. When she meets her high net worth clients, she builds a rapport with them by telling them ‘I’d like to be like you. Guide me and share with me your success story’. When she is motivating others to achieve higher sales she tells them, ‘Stop admiring others, create your own story and let people admire you’. To the newcomers in the business, she guides them by saying, ‘Success will come after frustration. Be patient and keep improving yourself. If you can do RM60k EPF sales a day and you focus on doing this for 20 days each month, then you can contribute to your income as a full time consultant’.

With such brilliant advice from a flourishing and prosperous businesswoman, there’s nothing more to stop you from achieving your dreams. Just do it!

You can email Shima personally at shima@millionairesisters.org if you have any questions or just want to say congrats :)

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