Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you for all the support for GBOP

Hi rudy and rina,

Congrats for coordinating everyone to make this event a success..... Its Great momentum for an amazing recruitment and bop.

Azwan-congrats for the slides and video. Everybody commented amazing sangat2....we admire your commitment for late stay up last nite with MSisters and today u make it in your situation

Pika and arfah
-Thanks for the registration and commitment to get everyone to sign up tonite. Today you got the benefit of knowing of how to get people to sign up on the spot and organising dlines signing up system that can be implemented in your agency later
We love your energy and commitment:)

Mahdiah and amin
-thanks for organising the tag-ging system that makes our guests feel special and being welcome by PWA. You are amazing!

-Thanks for hospitality in ushering the team. You made everyone sitting together and its full ! You also stayed till the end. Thanks for the support

Jasni and sheema
-Thanks for your amazing voices... @cheer :) We can feel that you are truly committed... I like :)

To All PWA Staffs,
-Cimbwa management acknowledge that PWA staffs are all committed and motivated! We love all of you! And.. Thanks for making the effort to dress up amazingly tonite!

To Michel and zafarul,
Thanks for your recruitment energy. For all the amazing emails... The guestlists.. U gathered 140 pax... Today s turn up 70.. Let's continue this great energy so that this saturday BOP will be a great turn up again :) thanks to michel, altho she can't be here, but her heart is with us!

To all tycoons and apprentice,
Thanks for the Grreat energy and support! We love your commitment! Let's continue our synergy, let's help and vibrate one another ... And grow together... Focus on the Big Picture, which is to become an amazing Gam..

To all Platinians,
Thanks for your voices and support! Let's continue with the recruitment energy! The people who turned up really amazing! Let's help them to achieve their dream and have an amazing career with Us :)

Msisters Support u and appreciate u ! :):)


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