Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 10 Insurance Ranking YTD as @ 30 June

Well done to:

Msisters Group!! We are no1. And no2 again in the whole cwa!

Congrats to:

1) Michel, Msisters elynn and Marina.. Top 10th Agent

2)Msisters elynn, Michel and Marina Top 10 agents by AFYP

3)Top 10 agents by Cases!!!

Very hardworking-
Msisters Elynn, Basirul, Manan and Zurina!!!

Zurina is aiming for 50 cases ELI so that 5 digit income insurance for 6 years!

We support u!

4)Msisters Akmar and Msisters Elynn Top GAM

5)Top GAM by Cases, Msisters Akmar 131 cases , Msisters Elynn 84 cases!!

Let's remain at the Top and Earn lots of money. Oohh YES


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