Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Urgent!! Sharing on MDRT Annual Meeting 2009 Indianapolis. This Wednesday 15th July 09 5.00pm

If You Think You Know This Business Then You Must Be MDRT!!

Thats what a good friend of mine said to me when i met him for breakfast recently. He attended the MDRT convention in Indianapolis USA on the 7-11 June 09 recently and he was kind enough to share with me some of the things he learned over there. Eventhough it wasn't first hand information but still it was really valuable because you can never learn enough.

I remembered what Anthony Robbins went through before he became successfull.. he was down on his luck, hiding from his creditors, stayin in a cramped apartment where he could only wash his dishes in the toilet because there wasnt enough room for a kitchen sink. But what he did to bounce back was he immersed himself with books, audio tapes, any good stuff he can lay his hands on. The result was he read more than 100 books in a span of a few months and went back to his investors and creditors and convinced them to give him another chance. I remembered him saying if you feed yourself a lot of good stuff.. good stuff is bound to come out.

So coming back to my good friend who attended the MDRT convention.. he was kind enough to share some of the handouts that was given during the convention. So i really want to share what they learned during the convention. So during this training i will share one of the sessions that they sat down for during the MDRT annual convention.

What will you learn this Wednesday?
  • New tools to help out and increase your WLNP and CI insurance sales.
  • How to increase your prospecting by getting 25-50 new leads every week.
  • How to sell to your client according to their needs and not just product push.
The materials shared are exact materials as shared during the MDRT Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. So if you want to know what kind of great sharing you will received during the MDRT convention come for tomorrows meeting.

If you attend this Wednesday training you will also receive softcopies of the slides during the MDRT annual meeting.. If you want to receive the softcopies come and bring your thumbdrives. I wont be emailing the files because it is too big too email.

This is only a one time training.. as this is my turn to conduct training. If you're committed email "Yes Wednesday SOE".

P.S: Leaders make sure you encourage your downlines to come.

P.S: If you think you know enough and dont need to attend training then you must be already MDRT :)

Here's to your massive success!!!

Azwan yusoff


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