Friday, August 21, 2009

Gratitude Pulls Support

"Gratitude," is the corner stone to
making the law of attraction work for you...

Being grateful for all you have opens you up to
receiving so much more. You can't just say the words,
you have to FEEL them, to be really grateful!

..... And to let the person know that you are grateful...

You'll feel fantastic, and you'll be astounded at how the
most amazing things will start to happen.

The easiest way to achieve this state is to adjust your mental state to gratitude!

I recently discovered this info recently for all. Please pass it around. If things are not going your way, it is because you are not making the law of attraction work positively for you. If things are not working the way you want to make it work, you tend to shift your mind set towards the negative side. But you know you are better than whatever is happening around you, right..the results, the income, the joy..

The good news is , all this can change within the next 88 minutes by committing yrself to do or think of 8 things to show gratitude. Yes you have only 88 minutes ,starting from the time you read this sentence..even thinking about gratitude is counted..this is call immediate flushing current negative thoughts that are blocking great things from happening to your live. Go through your mind now..being gratitude for all the things around!

Great! Now you have to think or do or say 88 things within 88 hours to draw amazing things to you for the door is slightly open now.


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