Thursday, September 10, 2009

Majlis Ihyad Ramadhan

3rd SEPT 2009-

It was a very great and fantastic ihyad ramadhan iftar! MR Tan Beng Wah our CEO from HQ,gave a great speech about the future market trend and what to expect in the market now ..

We are very lucky, as our favourite DALI fund won THE BEST ISLAMIC FUND in the whole world!Congrats! Can promote this for Big Cash and Big Epf! Go Hokkaido :)

Almost 80 people of Platinians were there including other GAM agencies under the Msisters GROUP,GAM Mahadi BZ(Monalisa) and GAM Syahril(Prestige) and all Platinians personal invited guests for BOP!!! AND not to forget, few faces made a 'come back ' to PLATINUM. It's so wonderful moment saw senior and junior Platinians ate together in one such noble occasion!

Ihyad ramadhan on friday night was a good idea! 'Barakah day' for Platinians. So that year afterwards will give us new strength and continously be courage, passion and determination! Also, in this beautiful event,we get to strengthen our BIG HEART culture to invite friends/guest to iftar together and healthy environtment to support one another in informal way,jokingly challenging one another to Qualify Hong Kong Macau Trip within 2weeks time! Siapa tak Qualify, kene Basuh kereta Qualifiers! Bukan Test Drive Msisters CLS and 350Z,Tycoons Shima s Porche,But BASUH KILAT2 ok! :)

Would like to give special appreciation to:

VIPs :Thank you for giving inspiration speech, encouragement and support to all Platinians and also for the visit s to interact with our new guest BOP..

1)Mr Tan Beng Wah 2) Mrs Y.S Chung 3)Patric wong 4)Lee Wee Sern. 5) Mandee Wong and of Course Msisters, Tycoons and Appr!!

COMMITTEE:Thank you for your great synergy and commitment to ensure the event a success.Without you, there was no event at all:

Appr ZAFARUL and Zamri - Event Manager and Deputy

1)Mr Jayen (mc)
2)Mr azwan (mc)
3)Michele (entertainment)
4)arfah (entertainment)
7)rina (decoration)
8)marina (decoration)
9)The Committed 6platinians STAFFs

GAM OTHER AGENCY : Thank you for coming to your ex agency. We appreciate your SUPPORT and the Business Relationship relationship and of course, Msisters True Friend. THANK YOU ALL!
Go 5 Gams 5 cases! :)

Lastly, we continued BOP after prayers and the sign up was Great! Msister Akmar has dwline sign up Platinum Pack on the spot :)

Let s continue this great momentum, this coming 12sept, combined BOP ! Bring 10guest and win rm200*

*follow guest rules as mentioned in sales gladiator!



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