Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sales Gladiator 5th september 09

From Msisters Akmar,

1) Wealth is related to relationship

....... wealth will be affected or dropped when people break relationship. So it is very very important to have good relationship or good feeling with uplines and MS. Never say bad things or accuse or even LISTEN to negative remarks, by being there.... Its like H1N1 virus, it can affect you unconditionally...without us realizing it.

....Sometimes we might think we are mentally strong. "I'm not saying the bad thing, I just listen.... Somehow by being in the negative environment, it can affect our mind". Beware of negative sorroundings..

........ Sometimes, people might FORGET. So negativity will struck a person s mind. Once its struck, its easy for people to Blame and soon with this DANGEROUS Energy will BREAK RELATIONSHIP...

When we break relationship, our wealth will be affected also.. Wealth will drop dramatically...

2) Agencies that do well are:

(A) the leaders do well

....... MS lead an extraordinary example by champions in all areas

...... PWA is an organization that produces TOP Performers. We have TOP INS FYP and TOP Unit Trust..
We are also the only organization with 3 times Master Builder... And soon 4th times Master Builder....

..... We are Not an Ordinary Agency

(B) dlines OBEY their leader

....When dlines OBEY their leader, downlines can do very well becoz they follow the leaders success.

The word OBEY is a strong word, it is the most essential word.....its beyond 100 percent teachable

"Saya yang Menurut Perintah" :):)

When dlines OBEY Leader, Subconsiously the Law of attraction will be working more effectively and can be very powerful!

3) TRANSFER instead of Invest your money into a better vehicle in Unit trust, that gives potentially higher return

4)Well managed agency is an agency with aggressive team in sales/recruitment and service

.... PWA is an Organization that have seminar selling, and aggressive recruitment strategy. Our Collaboration BOP is coming 12th Sept

5)Make a silent emotional decision

.... When we associate with our Heart and Feelings on our desire, it intensify and makes the law of attraction works for u easily and effortlessly.

..........Control your mind--take tremendous positive action--Push your limit--exceed targets

7) NO Blame, NO Complain, NO Gossip, NO excuse

....The Most dangerous part in life is to Blame, complain, Gossip and excuse..

... Or sometimes by Being There in a Blaming, gossip environment. It is like being with Smokers. The NON Smokers can have more dangerous effect than the smokers.

.... So protect your environment by NOT Blame, Complain, Gossip and excuse and NOT Being in the negative environement

Email YES I take care of my RELATIONSHIP with tycoons and MS so that I increase my wealth. The more I spent time with successful people in PWA, I get their positive vibrations.

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