Monday, September 14, 2009

We are MILLION Ringgit Agency

Well done Msisters Group! We are no1 again in Insurance! And...we are MILLION Ringgit Agency!

As at today,

1)Msisters ELYNN is our TOP FYP! No 1 in the whole Malaysia...
Rm 179,259 with 24 cases!!!

Wow! It is GREAT to do RETAIL!...another 20k to complete MDRT(+utrust 50percent)

2)Mr Mahadi is following closely, with rm 164k, ......17 cases!!

Our GAMs are showing Great examples to all downlines that they are helping many clients by doing RETAIL.

"When u do retail or many Cases, your skills are sharper"

3)Our DYNAMIC tycoon Michel is 3rd place with rm 156,453 with 7 cases


6)MARINA is at 6th place rm 138,726 with 6 cases

9)Tycoon Sheema is at 9th place rm 123,100 with 9 cases

Under Group FYP,

Msisters are no1 and no2!!!!!
.... We are Million Ringgit Agency

1) Msisters AKMAR rm 1,104,924 with 149 cases

2) Msisters ELYNN rm 557,240 with 109 cases


6) Mahadi at no 6th position with rm 422,493 , 64 cases

Well done!

Let's continue our passion to help more clients protect their Wealth, SAVE for retirement .. education, and settle their medical bills with our AIA medical Card, the best in the market!


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