Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another HK/Macau qualifier!!! Master Closer HANIZA submit 50k ELI !!!

Congrats to dynamic Teachable and Obey leader, HANIZA for closing 50k ELI today!!!

Client sign credit card and this is 1st time client!! New and total stranger! She just called client last nite at 9pm and met him and close on the spot!!

Wow!! HANIZA is our MASTER CLOSER !!!!!!
Haniza will be joining us in our Roller coaster full of Fun ride in HK disneyland!!

I still remember when MS sent out email who would be keen to qualify and commit to be in MS focus HK/Macau group, she replied with a YES and COMMIT!

That's the power of Commitment, and BELIEF!!

Email congrats to her at and get her great energy and vibrations at 0126475047

Email YES I qualify HK/Macau


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