Thursday, October 08, 2009


From Haniza:

Hi K Keme,

I can't stop smiling either :)
Just submitted the ELI cases n so lucky that we have mandee to help n expedite everything..

I'm so lucky to be in Platinum,esp u as my upline..really2 love you..
You always believe in me,support me in everything..ohh,I nangis already writing this :(

Now I really understand the law of vibration,I know how I cn attract things and all that we want is possible if we work really hard for it..IT IS SO TRUE!!

I remembered u told me last saturday-
"Haniza,take this as a challenge,I know u cn do it.if u cn qualify hong kong macau within this five days,I know u cn qualify Hokaido and become MDRT". And I do take it as a challenge and I really2 know I cn do it..

Thanks a lot to you my beloved upline,you will only hear great news from me starting today onwards..amiinnnn..
More will come! I'm a master closer!
I qualify Hokaido! I am MDRT!!

Love yaa!!



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