Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8282 hokaido

To help All PWA and MONALISA to achieve Hokaido, 8282 Hokaido was held on 7th NOV, saturday featuring all top speakers from Platinum+Monalisa.

MSisters are very excited because during this seminar, we prepared all dlines handouts that can help all dlines to become master Closer.

MSisters have submitted more than 90 insurance cases, first year in doing this business.

Amazing session from MSisters Elynn, Msisters Akmar, Mahadi BZ and GM Insurance Michel - these are our current TOP FYP in CWA.

We got so vibrated and excited with ITO
Training by ITO expert, MSisters ELYNN,

Wow, those who buys ITO at age xx can be a millionaire at age xx..

We have Catherine, who's very good at target market, each time collecting big FYPs. Catherine shared us how to collect BIG FYP and she got very excited with IPP product.

Also, dynamic AZWAN will share on Insurance Concept, Tycoon Jayen, as Master Trainer, responsible on the whole overview of the seminar. We have a special affirmation that can help you to attract more insurance sales. GM insurance MICHEL, her specialty on ELI and Big WLNP.åSpecial Unit Trust Session with MAHATHIR, who will gave out handouts on CASH Unit Trust.

Its a day full with Outstanding Knowledge and Full Support Given to all downlines to do well as wealth advisory. No wonder, we have many very very very very very good news on Insurance this week.

All joining this seminar, a member to PWA and Monalisa will become successful, an MDRT soon. The Great support system becoz MS are dynamic leaders whom are Champion in Insurance-They are people whom go out there in the market/field so that they can share with you

After 8282 hokaido, all PWA and Monalisa closed amazing sales!


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