Saturday, February 06, 2010

Amazing week 8th Feb - 13th Feb

Hi Msisters and Monalisa,
Just a friendly reminder on our exciting week next week. GM of each event/Project/trainer of the week, do promote ya
1) Monday 8th FEB 8:30am - 1pm - GO MDRT for BOTH Chaser and All Star.
Special session by Aia Mdrt speaker. A must come event

2) Monday 8th FEB 1pm - 2pm - MSisters TEACHABLE Success Circle every Monday Lunch at FRIENDSTER, near FCC
3) WEDNESDAY 5:30pm - 7pm Group Insurance meeting at MONALISA , Tmn Tun Dr Ismail
* trainer of the week to generate report attendance

7pm wednesday - X Club special project meeting President Kian and Stephanie with Advisors Mahadi, Msisters and Sam

8pm - BOP @ Monalisa by Trainer of the week ...

4). Saturday 13th Feb
Gong Xi Fa Chai


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