Thursday, February 25, 2010

MS 7 ways to better management to achieve MDRT-COT-TOT

Hi Msisters and monalisa,

I hope I can add value to you,
To achieve MDRT-COT- and TOT

Get the most out of your day with these moves

1) Plan your day the night before
Every minute counts !

2) Prioritise the list - number them and do the nasty job first

3) Stick to your list - tick off each item as u get it done. Make an agreement to yourself to check for messages every 2 hours of so

4) 3Ds - do it, delegate to your own staff/PA or dump it

Handle each piece of paper only once. Either do something about it, delegate it to someone else (your staff/PA) or dump it in trash. Remember, only do it if you can do it !

5) Don't procastinate - don't wait, do it now !

6) Plan your leisure time - take up activities that need you to be at a certain place at a certain time

7) Be honest with yourself -
"Is what I'm doing now getting me to where I want to get to"



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