Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do you want to be a millionaire?

The Star, Sunday March 14, 2010

Fans motivate ‘Millionaire Sisters’

ONE of the factors that currently motivate the “Millionaire Sisters” is the fact that people want to emulate their success. Sisters Aida Nurlin Hanif, 29, and Nor Akmar Hanif, 33, are now the CEOs of Platinum Wealth Advisors and have about 1,000 people under them.

A quick check on their Facebook page reveals the fans they have with common comments like “I want to be like you.” It is such comments that motivate them to persevere in their unit trust business.

“When you look at people and see their success, you want to duplicate it. It generates the desire,” says Nor Akmar who started looking into the unit trust scene after completing her engineering studies in the United Kingdom and found out that it was flushed with 40- to 50-year-olds.

She says most of them were relying on contacts to be successful.

On their toes: Nor Akmar (left) and Aida Nurlin advise the young to not just work for the money but to challenge themselves and keep on improving.

Despite her parents’ initial objections to her career choice, Nor Akmar persevered and within three months, she hit the RM1mil jackpot in sales.

In 2003, at the age of 26, she became one of the youngest group agency managers in her group. Her success only motivated her to bring in youngsters into the unit trust business and to build up their courage, passion and determination. With the entrepreneurship spirit, she established her current agency.

“The challenge is not getting there (to financial success) but maintaining it. You need determination to succeed,” says Nor Akmar.

One of the youngsters was Aida Nurlin who wanted to duplicate the success of her sibling. Aida Nurlin, an actuarial science graduate, joined the business when she was 21 and has not looked back either.

Their success means they can go for holidays overseas and drive cars of their choice. Aida Nurlin drives a Nissan Fairlady while her sister drives a Mercedes.

“We wanted to be independent. We were looking at reaching success which was more than monetary. We wanted to develop young agents. Youngsters have a lot of potential.

“They have the energy and the right mindset to do well. Everyone can get into this business. In fact, fresh grads are even better because when they come straight from school, they still have that ‘teachability’ element,” says Aida Nurlin.

In fact, based on their reports, agents between the ages of 21 and 32 are the ones who have really made it, says Nor Akmar.

The sisters tried to retire once by going on holiday for two months, but it did not work out. “Every few minutes, I was checking my phone,” says Aida Nurlin.

The sisters also have some advice for youngsters looking to make big money.

“My advice to youth who have big aspirations is to challenge yourself, whichever business you go into. Keep on improving yourself. The money will come along the way,” says Nor Akmar.

“Don’t just work for the money. Everyone has his own potential. Find your own and bring it out,” chips in Aida Nurlin.

Congratulations MS Akmar and MS Elynn

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