Thursday, March 18, 2010

Important!! Statutory Declaration Form For All Wealth Advisors

If you're still haven't sign and submit your Statutory Declaration (SD) Form then be aware FIMM will terminate your license as a Unit Trust Consultant. The Statutory Declaration must be done before 30th March 2010. Treat this as very very important!! Failure to sign will lead to your license termination and all your clients records and database will no longer be available in your Assist database.

Now if you haven't done this and want the easy way to do it just do it the way i did it. First let me explain that the form needs to be signed in front of a commissioner of oath and they will charge your RM 2 (well thats what they charged when they were at HQ) but they are no longer there.

You can go to a commissioner of oath yourself but that would waste your time. The easiest way is this way. Seri Petaling Branch will accept all form signed by the consultant and they will submit the SD form for you but they will charge your RM 4 instead of RM 2. Its the easiest way i know. If you have any question you can call the office or your leaders.

Here is the link for you to download the form:


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